Civil Litigation

UAE has become focal point of attraction and strategic importance due to geographical location. It has also succeeded in attracting many foreign businesses and investments through encouraging free trade. Each individual living in the country, whether he/she is a national or an expatriate or company or establishment has to follow rules entitled to them for smooth functioning of system that enables them to achieve best in their endeavor. Disrespect or violation of any of these rules can be termed as civil wrongdoings. Civil matters relate to disputes or indifferences between individuals or companies in areas such as commercial, property, family, intellectual property, maritime etc.

We advice all Individuals, Corporates as well as Enterprises considering the nature of their business and their business requirements. Our legal services range from reviewing Commercial Agreements to drafting and negotiating complex commercial arrangements as well as representing Clients before all judicial and government departments throughout UAE and abroad through international affiliations.

We represent our clients in all types of civil law cases that include, but not limited to:

Contractual disputes

Compensation cases

Mortgage cases

Obligation and personal rights in contracts

Property cases

Real Estate cases

Insurance Claims

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